Comfort Mattress


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Hard on one side & soft on other
Easy installation even if on high floors
7 years of warranty
Direct from factory
Specialized open cell foam
Reversible mattress
23 Years of experience
No Inner Springs

Comfort Mattress

Restoria Comfort Mattress is specifically designed for people suffering from backache, arthritis and other similar issues to support the muscles, bones and joints and make their sleep span wider and better. The bed improves the body postures, which in return works to improve sleep cycle and helps in avoiding joint pain. A better posture also helps in reducing stress and improves productivity.

Restoria’s Orthopedic mattresses are well known for giving uninterrupted sleep. While sleeping on a regular mattress, there is a lot of struggle to find the best spot to sleep which also turns into anxiety some times. Restoria Orthopedic mattresses are one stop solution for this. You don’t have to struggle to find a spot; it easily makes you comfortable in your best alignment and gives you a great sleep.

The mattress doesn’t bounce or sink like many other types of mattress which basically means if there are two-person sleeping on the bed and one person moves, it won’t disturb the other person’s sleep.

At Restoria, we invite you to join the best mattress experience to buy ortho mattress online as per your requirements. Our team constantly works on providing the best price of orthopedic mattress, not only in India, but anywhere in the world. We deliver all Restoria products directly to your home. Once your new Restoria mattress is rolled and vacuumed, it will be ready to be shipped to you.


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