100 Nights Trial Policy

Make Up Your Mind In 100 Nights

You must have heard this old wise saying “Make hay while the sun shines”. It aptly describes our 100 Night Trial Policy, which says that you can use our mattresses for a period of 100 nights and return them in case they cease to be what we promise. We absolutely have no qualms in giving you a 100% refund.
Philosophy Behind

Neither are our mattresses made in haste nor do we sell them in a hurry. We believe in customer satisfaction and always let our mattresses speak for themselves instead of we doing the talking for them. We also understand that to err is human and on several occasions people take things at face value and make decisions in jiffies only to regret them later. So, it is in this context that we allow our customers to use our mattresses for 100 nights after the date of delivery to assure themselves of whether or not they have made the right decision.

If, after using Restoria mattress for 100 nights, you decide that it was not what you expected and wish to return it, we will initiate the return process.

Some Exceptions

Restoria’s 100 Night Trial Policy has been designed keeping in mind that the customer gets enough time to use our mattress and know it through and through. Still, if the customer finds out that the mattress is not up to the mark, we will make sure that the product is returned to us and the customer gets all his money back.

There are certain exceptions though made to ensure that the offer is not taken an undue advantage of. The exceptions are:

  1. Restoria mattress to be returned must be in good condition. Mattresses with any damage, which upon examination if found to be deliberate or unnatural, will not be entertained.
  2. We will not entertain the return request if the mattress to be returned is found to have any stains or dirt.
  3. If it is found that the mattress was used on a rough surface, which is likely to cause damage to its appearance, the request to initiate the return process will not be accepted.
  4. We will not entertain return request if the mattress is found to have been exposed to an uncondusive environment such as extremely cold or hot temperatures.
  5. The offer is not applicable to those customers who want to return the mattress on the basis of incorrect size. We recommend that customers check the size before placing the order.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The date on which the mattress is delivered marks the beginning of Restoria’s 100 Night Trial.
  2. Custom-made mattresses are not covered in this policy. It only applies to the mattresses of standard sizes.
  3. It is not necessary that you return the mattress towards the end of the trial period. You can return it any time before 100 nights.
  4.  If any of the points mentioned in the ‘Some Exceptions’ section above applies to the mattress, the return request will not be entertained.
  5. The 100 Night Trial offer is only applicable to those customers who have purchased our mattresses only from www.restoria.in.
  6. It is advised that you keep a copy of your purchase invoice as proof. You will be asked to submit it to claim the refund. No claims will be otherwise accepted.
  7. While opting for a return, you will be asked to provide photographs of the mattress. In case you fail to provide the same, we may cancel your return request.
  8. The mattress to be returned will be picked up only after proper inspection of the photographs provided by you and the physical examination conducted in our factory of the same.
  9. Once approved, your refunds will be processed within 15 working days after the mattress has been picked up from you.
  10. Restoria will take the final call on refund and reserves the right to cancel any request which does not fulfill the company’s Terms and Conditions on 100 Nights Trail Policy.
  11.  All disputes will be subject to Jammu jurisdiction only.


1) 100 Night Trail is not valid for custom size or Size Change order

2) 100 Night Trial policy in not applicable for purchases made under EMI