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Make comfort last as long as you need it to with Restoria Mattress Protectors that simply glide over your mattress. Acting as a barrier against bed bugs, dust mites, moisture, spills and stains, these mattress protectors give you an extra layer of comfort while extending the life of mattresses.

Mattress Protector






23 Years of Experience

Direct from Factory

Bamboo Fabric

In-House Lab for Quality Control

We are one of the few companies which have an ISO certificate,
which ensures the credibility of us meeting the needs of customers.

Mattress is that comfort with which defines the quality and quantity of sleep you have during nights. A good mattress provides instant, relaxing and comforting sleep whereas a bad one provides a delayed, and uncomfortable sleep, filled with significant amount of insomnia. Buying best mattress is however, not the only solution to it as buying the equivalent quality of mattress protector is also neccessary to protect your precious mattress so that it continues giving you that cherished sleep, you desire.

Whenever you think to buy mattress protector online, should be the first thing on your mind as it has the best waterproof mattress protectors in India which comes in various shapes and variants like the memory foam mattress protectors which is the best in market. These mattress protectors act as the perfect barriers against the bed bugs, mites, dust mites, moisture and spills and stains and all other factors which try to pry in your dreams, along with giving you an extra layer of comfort while extending the life of your mattress.

Having the ability of being stretchable and breathable to the maximum extent along with having the ability to fit in your mattress with utmost perfection. These protectors leave their competitors far behind in the amount of services they provide along with coming from, which is one of the few companies that have ISO mark that ensures the credibility of meeting the needs of its consumers.
So be sure to treat yourself of these mattress protectors that will have a lasting impact in your sleep and provide you the ‘nights to remember’.

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