Memory Foam Pillow – King Size

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Material: Moulded Memory Foam
Available Colors: White
Outer Cover:  Zip Cover is especially designed with highest quality materials.
Size:  26*16*4.5 inches.

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Restoria – Comfort Pillow


Washable zipper cover

Memory form

Inner socking fabric

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Inspired from NASA’s Visco Elastic Technology

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Bamboo Fabric


Specialised open cell foam

Why You’ll Love It

A single, formed piece of  material provides gently aligning, essential support for head, neck, and shoulders when you sleep on your back or stomach. Soft,  and with a Bamboo Fabric cover that’s removable and washable.

We are one of the few companies which have an ISO certificate,
which ensures the credibility of us meeting the needs of customers.

Top five health benefits provided by sleeping on memory foam pillows

Spinal alignment: A memory foam pillow offers optimum structural support. Your head curves slightly forward when you are in the upright position and it is important to retain the same alignment when you lie down. If your pillow is too high then you’re your neck can be aligned forward whereas if the pillow is too low then the muscles can be strained. Hence your pillow should be of the right height. The memory foam pillows have the proper height for maintaining proper spinal alignment. When you lie down on the memory foam pillow it gets reshaped with the weight and heat of your body. When you are lying on your back, a memory foam pillow supports the lordosis of the cervical spine giving you optimum support for the head.

Pressure points: The memory foam pillows contours to the shape of your body to provide optimum support to head and neck. Proper alignment allows your body to apply uniform pressure in all points

Hygienic and dust allergies: Your regular pillows attract dust, mites and bacteria which can cause allergic reactions. Memory foam pillows are non-toxic and they prevent dust, molds and bacteria

Sleep Apnea: Memory foam pillows help in sleep apnea. Memory foam pillows do not tilt your head upwards like the regular pillows and hence they do not block the airways and prevents snoring. The pillows are available in different shapes which can be helpful for the different sleeping positions. Also, these pillows do not require adjusting like the normal pillows and hence you can enjoy a sound sleep without disturbance.

Durability: Memory foam pillows quickly regain the shape once the pressure is released. These pillows have longer durability. They do not become flat like traditional pillows. Hence if you are looking for a pillow which will last longer, then investing in a memory foam pillow will be a sound decision.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 80 cm

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